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Neuro-Visual Therapy 

Our eyes are a delicate system. They differ from person to person and change over time. Neuro-visual therapy can make a big difference in how our eyes function and how we understand them. For those in the Spring or Houston area, Dr. A. Davis at The Vision Learning Center of Champions can help you get you the eye care you or your child need.


What is Neuro-Visual Therapy?

Neuro-visual therapy is a clinical application used to improve, enhance, and develop the visual system. This therapy is useful for those who experience vision-related anxiety, headaches, blurry vision, reading difficulties, and focusing challenges. Vision therapy is also used to treat the visual symptoms that result from traumatic brain injuries. The specific tests performed and therapy activities planned depend on the symptoms you are exhibiting. Neuro-visual therapy is designed to be fun, challenging, and confidence-building. 

What is Neuro-Visual Testing?

Neuro-Visual testing determines the capacity of your visual system to process information. Testing can determine which visual skills are lacking and in need of training. Neuro-visual testing explores visual memory, visual-motor integration, spatial awareness, laterality, directionality, tracking, word reading, and more. 

We test not only how well the eyes are seeing and taking in information, but also how well the brain is processing said information. Tuning visual systems through therapy can improve your academic performance, work performance, and overall quality of life.

Conditions That Can Be Treated With Neuro-Visual Therapy 

Issues treated by neuro-visual therapy include double vision, headaches, poor coordination, light sensitivity, and more. We can help you strengthen your eyes and help your brain process information more effectively. 

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Upon completion of your testing, you will have an in-depth conference with Dr. A. Davis to review the diagnostic findings and therapeutic recommendations. We offer many services including family eye care, pediatric eye care, contact lens fittings, and learning problem solutions. Our team has years of experience addressing vision problems and will work with you to develop an eye care plan tailored to your needs.
At The Vision Learning Center of Champions, we are proud to offer neuro-visual therapy to Spring, TX, Houston, TX, and the surrounding area. If you believe you might benefit from neuro-visual therapy, call us at 832-592-9650 or request an appointment online today.


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