Eye & Vision Exams

Many people take eyesight for granted, assuming they will enjoy good sight for years to come. Your vision, however, can take a turn for the worse if not taken care of properly.


At The Vision Learning Center of Champions, we can help you preserve your vision through professional eye care. Our Spring TX and Houston TX centers offer quality eye care and eye health services for your entire family. Here is what you can expect from our professional eye care team.

Eye Exams

We offer adult, teen, and pediatric eye exams to assess your family’s eye health and vision. These exams will pinpoint problems with your sight. If you have an uncorrected refractive error, this will show up in a comprehensive eye exam. Dr. A. Davis, your Spring/Houston TX optometrist, will then prescribe eyewear to correct these problems so you can enjoy optimal sight. 

An eye exam will also reveal early signs of eye conditions or diseases that can lead to vision loss. By catching these diseases early on, you can get treatment to help preserve your sight. 

Pediatric Eye Care

Pediatric eye care is particularly important to preserve your children’s sight for the future. We provide eye exams to children as early as 6 months old to detect early warning signs of eye health or vision problems. We recommend children have a follow-up eye exam every year after that. It is very important to have your child’s eyes examined before formal schooling starts. Vision profoundly affects the child’s ability to be successful at school. All children should be examined annually.

For your convenience, Dr. A. Davis participates in the InfantSEE program. InfantSEE is a public health program that provides a free, one-time eye checkup to infants 6-12 months of age to ensure they have no eye health problems that can lead to permanent vision loss.

Routine eye exams are invaluable in preserving your eye health and vision. For this reason, we recommend regular checkups for your entire family.

Vision Therapy Evaluation

In addition to eye exams, your Houston/Spring TX optometrist offers vision therapy evaluations to assess your visual system’s efficiency and correct any imbalances that might interfere with school, work, or quality of life. This evaluation entails testing for color vision, eye tracking, eye focus, eye teaming ability, depth perception, and other visual skills.

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Vision is a priceless gift that deserves proper care. Through regular eye exams, you do your part to protect your sight. To schedule a comprehensive eye exam for you or your children, contact The Vision Learning Center of Champions at 832-592-9650 today. We serve residents in Spring TX, Houston TX, and surrounding communities.


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    I love Dr. Davis! She's absolutely awesome and very passionate about vision therapy

    -C.W. Spring, TX

    Thank you so much for your help. I'm sure you get this all the time, but what you do really does change people's lives

    S. H. Spring, TX