“Dear Dr Davis,

Just an update 4 years after the Vision Learning Center and Neurobiologix have changed M’s life ! We came to you in the late 5th grade year and M was still unable to write, read or formulate sentences and his balance was completely off. We have been blessed to have a school system that has encouraged and been patient with M, but once the brain was fixed, the academic light bulb was able to put the puzzle pieces that where so fuzzy for so many years into place and he really took off in Jr High. He was able to graduate out of special ed RELA after 6th grade, and the remainder classes he succeeded with co-teach and modifications of resourcing and testing. M remains in level classes as a freshman at KHS except level Algebra, but that’s the only hurdle we’ve seen so far in HS, other than organizing and study skills which are 98% INDEPENDENT now, woohoo!

Just want to thank you ALL for the restoration and healing of M, what you do changes people for the better, you are appreciated!

I hope this finds you all well and healthy. May you and yours be blessed each day of 2018.”

“Dr. Davis is great! We took our 3 year old in for some concerns and she definitely eased our worries. She explained everything during the exam and made sure he was comfortable the entire time. We highly recommend!” Veronica

“Dr. Davis and Cynthia are the best at what they do!”

I love Dr. Davis! She’s absolutely awesome and very passionate about vision therapy”
-C.W. Spring, TX

Thank you so much for your help. I’m sure you get this all the time, but what you do really does change people’s lives”
S. H. Spring, TX