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At the Vision Learning Center in Spring, TX, Dr. A. Davis is passionate about taking the time to fully understand each of her patients’ eye health needs. Our comprehensive vision examinations consist of a detailed medical and visual history, a functional visual history (how you use your vision in your daily life) as well as a review of all body systems, medications taken, and allergies. Everybody’s visual needs differ depending on their age, job, and hobbies.

When examining your visual system, we look at central acuity, peripheral integrity, eye teaming (convergence), extra-ocular muscle balance, refractive status (prescription), and the health of all structures in the front and back of the eye. When evaluating a patient for vision therapy, we include a few more areas that help us understand how the eyes work together. These include checking for suppression at various viewing distances, accommodation and vergence flexibility, commitancy, adaptations, and the presence of primitive reflexes,

Dr. Davis fits contact lenses in patients of all ages. There is no minimum age that determines if someone is allowed to wear contacts. Many factors determine when patients can start wearing contact lenses, including medical necessity, patient motivation, and parent motivation. There are many choices for contact lens wear, daily lenses being the best and safest choice for children. 


Dilation is an important part of the examination because it allows us to view the structures in the back of the eye in detail. Imagine that you are trying to view a room through the keyhole in the door. The view is narrow and restricted-you can glean some information, but a large amount is missing. Opening the door, i.e. dilating the eyes, allows us to see the entire room. Dilating yearly allows us to ensure that the structures responsible for sight remain healthy and intact. This follows the current standard of care demonstrated by the American Optometric Association.

We understand that getting eye drops can be scary. To alleviate the anxiety this may cause, the doctor works to establish a rapport with the child early. Establishing trust and being honest about the drops “stinging” when they go in prepare the child and helps to dispel anxiety. When instilling the drops, we have the child keep their eyes closed, wet the lashes with 1-2 drops, and then have the child blink rapidly a few times. This effectively gets the drops into the eyes without issue.

Emergency Care

Sudden changes in vision, ocular appearance, new-onset headaches, or eye turns need to be investigated immediately to rule out certain life-threatening conditions. Dr. Davis is well versed in the treatment protocols of these issues.

Visit the Vision Learning Center of Champions

At the Vision Learning Center of Champions, Dr. A. Davis is here to answer your questions and address concerns about eye care. We offer family eye care for patients of all ages including pediatric eye care. If you are in the Spring or Houston, TX area, call us today at 832-592-9650 to set up an appointment to check your vision health.



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    I love Dr. Davis! She's absolutely awesome and very passionate about vision therapy

    -C.W. Spring, TX

    Thank you so much for your help. I'm sure you get this all the time, but what you do really does change people's lives

    S. H. Spring, TX