Websites to visit:  

1.  The College of Optometrists in Vision Development; this website has a wealth of information about vision therapy, what conditions it is used for and all the optometrists who are members of COVD.  Scientific research about vision therapy can also be found here, as well as information specific to parents

2. The Optometric Extension Program Foundation; An international organization that collects scientific information about vision and visual processes and publishes it for the professional community.  The Journal of Optometry and Visual Performance is available here for free.  

3.  This website has a complication of stories from families who have gone through vision therapy.  They tell their successes and failures and tell the public how vision therapy changed their lives.  

4.  The American Optometric Association:  The governing body of optometry

5.  The Texas Optometric Association:  The Texas branch of AOA

6.  Infantsee:  A program sponsored by the AOA to provide a free eye exam to infants between the ages of 6-12 months.  Dr. Davis is currently a participating Infantsee provider.  

7.  Australasion College of Behavioural Optometrists

8.  Vision and Learning:  A Guide for Parents and Educators-this is a great resource to find information about vision therapy, the differences between developmental optometrists and general optometrists and much more.

9.  The Amblyopia Project:  A part of the VisionHelp Initiative, this site contains all of the latest amblyopia research and treatment info.  

10.  The Vision and Learning Project:  A part of the VisionHelp initiative, this explains the link between vision and learning, the evidence behind vision therapy for all varieties of vision issues and treatment info. 


Vision Help Blog:  This blog, written by Dr. Leonard Press ( focuses on retraining the brain, advancing awareness and understanding of vision therapy and developmental optometry and best practices.  

VTWorks:  This blog, written by a COVT (certified optometric vision therapist) addresses many different aspects of therapy, from a parent and therapist's point of view

Living with Diplopia:  This is a blog written by man who has strabismus and diplopia; he educates himself and his readers about vision therapy  and provides insight into what he experiences in vision therapy. 

Eyes On the Brain  Neuroscientist Sue Barry, Ph.D explores the brain's capacity to rewire itself.  Sue Barry's book, Fixing My Gaze, is an excellent first person memoir about how vision therapy (from a personal and scientific point of view) can change the way you see the world.  Literally.  

Facebook Groups:  

Vision Therapy Parents Unite

Youtube Videos:

Dr. Julie Steinhauer from Vision for Life (her practice located in Illinois) posts videos about vision therapy procedures, new research and debunks myths about current perceptions of vision therapy.  


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    I love Dr. Davis! She's absolutely awesome and very passionate about vision therapy

    -C.W. Spring, TX

    Thank you so much for your help. I'm sure you get this all the time, but what you do really does change people's lives

    S. H. Spring, TX