Welcome to the Vision Learning Center’s Reading Readiness Bootcamp!  We are excited to offer this 3 day camp/workshop to our community as one extra tool for students to have as they prepare for the start of the school year.  We will work on the basics of good visual skills (tracking, eye teaming, focusing and visual processing).  Dr. Davis and Cynthia will be going through a special sequence of exercises that is designed to help maximize visual functioning.

Each participant will receive an equipment kit to take home ($100 dollar value) with the following:

  1. Emergent VT Marsden Ball
  2. Emergent VT Parquetry Module
  3. Bernell Red/Green Filter Glasses
  4. 3 month subscription to the Neurovisual trainer (neurovisualtrainer.com)
    • This is a online vision therapy platform designed to support in office vision therapy and encourage work at home with the interactive home exercises.

The Bootcamp!

The camp consists of 3 sessions (75 minutes each) starting at 9:30am on August 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  This is a total of 225 minutes of vision therapy ($630 value).  At the end of the bootcamp, the participants will be provided with a list of activities to work on at home to further enhance the work done in office.  Video instructions on how to perform the activites can be found on www.neurovisualtrainer.com.  After the camp is concluded, each participant/parent will have 2 scheduled check-in calls with Dr. Davis following the camp (3 weeks after and 6 weeks after) to ensure things are going well and answer any questions.

If the participant/guardians wish to start vision therapy, an evaluation needs to be scheduled with Dr. Davis.

Please note:  this is not a substitute for a full neuro-visual evaluation with Dr. Davis.  This camp does not include any examination or refractive services.  If those are required or requested by the parent/guardian, they must be scheduled at another time and payment is due at time of service.  The camp is not intended to diagnose or treat any visual disorders—it is intended to provide general tools for students to help improve overall visual functioning.

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Camp Location

The Vision Learning Center (Inside the Chasewood Bank Building)
8500 Cypresswood Drive, Suite 103
Spring, Texas 77379
Phone: 832-592-9650